Tuesday, September 13, 2005

This story in the news says it all....

This story at CNN says it all about how it feels to be a good parent trapped in the system of those who refuse to believe you are indeed a good parent:
'Police" find 8 Ohio kids locked in cages'. Here's the first part of the story that will get your blood going:
"The children, ages 1 to 14, were found locked in cages at their home...wooden cages, less than 3 feet by 3 feet, without pillows or blankets...The children were all either adopted or foster children..."

Now that's enough to make anyone sick, but HERE'S the kicker!!!
"Police said no charges had been filed against the parents.
'Basically, the parents thought they were providing for the protection of the children from themselves and from each other...They thought there was circumstances with these children that warranted the cages at night..'"

Oh man, oh man. THESE WERE FOSTER PARENTS!!!!! There's supposed to be some kind of standard for foster parents isn't there? There's supposed to be but of course there isn't.
Now, if you were me....how would you feel about the story above?