Tuesday, September 13, 2005

This story in the news says it all....

This story at CNN says it all about how it feels to be a good parent trapped in the system of those who refuse to believe you are indeed a good parent:
'Police" find 8 Ohio kids locked in cages'. Here's the first part of the story that will get your blood going:
"The children, ages 1 to 14, were found locked in cages at their home...wooden cages, less than 3 feet by 3 feet, without pillows or blankets...The children were all either adopted or foster children..."

Now that's enough to make anyone sick, but HERE'S the kicker!!!
"Police said no charges had been filed against the parents.
'Basically, the parents thought they were providing for the protection of the children from themselves and from each other...They thought there was circumstances with these children that warranted the cages at night..'"

Oh man, oh man. THESE WERE FOSTER PARENTS!!!!! There's supposed to be some kind of standard for foster parents isn't there? There's supposed to be but of course there isn't.
Now, if you were me....how would you feel about the story above?

Friday, June 10, 2005

"I Am Your Enemy"

"I am your enemy. I'm the co-worker who'll will do anything to get you fired. I'm the neighbor who hates you. I'm the ex-wife, ex-husband, I'm a parent who refuses to pay for my childcare. I am a fired daycare worker. Who am I? I am your enemy, and you ought to know that.

If I can, I mean to change your luck. I'll ruin your reputation- I'll get to you through your child. After a few questions by caseworkers, your child will be expected to give a history of sexual assault, You'll go home every night trying to sort out the notions. And gradually, you'll accept the nightmares as away of life. Who am I? I'm the one who has found out about the department of Social Services' reign of terror. One phone call to DSS will do it. I'll anonymously report you for child abuse, maybe neglect. "It can't happen to me," you say? I'll turn your life into a horror film directors dream of producing.

The right of officials to seize your children without a warrant is virtually universal. In almost every state, the accused is denied the right of trial by jury in the juvenile or family court. Your children can be removed by judicial decree regardless of whether sufficient proof exists to convict you of any criminal activity! These officials don't have to tell you why you were accused, or what acts you were supposed to have committed. So, you'll imagine every horrible, hideous act possible. And you'll never know who made the false report.

But at this very moment I am staring at my phone. I may be an incompetent witness, but I will never have to look you or them eye-to-eye, no ones cares who I am. The law protects me. "Not my child," you say. Your situation is worst by far. I know if enough idle evils like me catch sight of this technique, they'll use it because it is an effective weapon. It's the greatest malice freedom ever gave. Try to defend yourself against unknown accusations. Everyone around you will be a suspect. It might cost you your job, your spouse, the children in your custody. Your relatives and neighbors will probably be questioned and some will believe my lies. The way I figure it, that's why the department created the hot line. It's not my fault they don't care who calls, or why, or if the information they're obtaining is truthful or not. Right now, I am in a position of power. You've ticked me off. Well, it's the last time. Now, at least, one more enemy of yours has found a way to get even."

My First Meeting With McLeod County CPS

Six days after arriving home from the hospital there was a knock at the door. I opened the door to find a woman with a police officer. She identified herself as a Child Abuse Social Caseworker. I of course thought that perhaps she hadn't been informed of the investigation at the hospital that showed I had been prescribed a sleeping pill. Perhaps the counties don't talk to eachother. So I smiled and in a friendly way told her of the mix-up and exhonoration at the hospital. She then said that wasn't the only reason she was there. She told me she was there also to follow up on calls CPS had received from my friends/neighbors/relatives regarding their concerns on the messiness of my home. (She admitted on a later visit that they had received no such calls, she admitted she had lied about this).

I of course was shocked, and then immediately accused her of lying. I knew for a FACT that there is no way any such calls had ever been made. There was not a doubt in my mind. So she smiled a sneaky smile and asked if they could come in to 'clear this all up' by giving me ANOTHER drug test and inspecting my home. This is where I should have slammed the door in her face and never answered it again. But like MOST people I had no idea I was a small fish facing a shark. I believed her to be honest in her attempt to clear it up. So I let them in.

They entered my house and sat at my kitchen table. I was in the midst of making a cake so I had to make room. Then she asked me to pee in a cup. The police officer turned on his tape recorder. I said sure and we did the little drug test. She had a shell-shocked look when she checked and said, 'It's negative - no drugs.' For about 2 hours they preceded to question me about whatever they wanted. It was very intimidating. Then they asked to walk around my house. After 30 minutes they came back to the kitchen and said the only thing they could find wrong with my house was that my garbage can in the kitchen didn't have a lid. They suggested putting it under the sink. Then they left. I thought that was the end of that - they admitted the house was satisfactory and I once again tested negative for drugs. I was in for a shock.

Sorry but this story is hard to write, even 2 years later. I hate remembering it and thinking about it. My blood pressure skyrockets and I get really upset all over again. I have to restrain myself in each post from ranting, trying to write it objectively. Forgive me if I occasionally miss that mark - it's like a rape victim trying to be fair to her rapist. My next post will outline the charges that were brought against us soon after and our first through the ringer experience with CPS and the law.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

How it all began for us - The very beginning stages: Part II

The next few days were very worrisome for us as the unusual symptoms persisted, but phone calls to our doctor were ignored. My mother is an RN, as is my aunt and her daughter. We are all very close. Finally my mother insisted I get a second opinion from another OB doctor. She had a recommendation from a friend and had already made an appointment for me for that afternoon, October 2. This new doctor was in a different neighboring county and delivered at a different hospital. After just 5 minutes in her exam room she had guessed that I was suffering from a dangerous bacterial infection, causing water leakage and contractions. A few minutes later tests confirmed it. I was prescribed antibiotics and told that if I had not been treated for this infection before delivery of my baby it is likely my baby would have died. Needless to say I decided on the spot to never see my previous doctor again - talk about incompetance! I made arrangements to have all of my remaining appointments moved to my new doctor and to have the baby at the hospital she works at.

On October 8th I delivered my baby at my new OB’s hospital. Still unknown to me were the drug test performed at the previous hospital and it’s results. The new hospital requested my records from the previous hospital as I was a new patient and read the report for a positive drug test the week before. Still without my knowledge they did not investigate but believed me to be a drug user. During my labor I was subjected to the usual questions but with a new vigor. The usual 'Have you taken any street drugs?' (Followed by my answer 'No, never.') Was followed by, 'Well how about speed?' Noooo.... 'Well how about meth?' Nooo.... 'Well how about ....' and on and on it went. I was really getting a weird feeling about this but as I had no idea for their motivation I was at a loss to explain their behavior. Plus I was in active labor - who has time to think about why your doctor is acting creepy? Add to this that every nurse and doctor was looking at me funny and treating me like trash...to put it nicely. I was miserable and confused and had no idea what the problem was. I'd never even met these people before and had been here for an hour!

During my labor and after my baby was born drug tests were done on me and my infant, still without my knowledge. They were of course all negative. I finally started to get a clue that all was not as it was supposed to be when a nurse told me while walking me to my room, "We performed a drug test on your infant but don't worry - it came back negative." She said it with a kindly smile as if she dealt with loser, pregnant drug users all the time and was trying to ease any worry I might have about my perhaps drug addicted born baby. I was of course stumped as to this statement. I was completely in the dark here. I said, "Why? What for?" After all I'd had 3 kids prior to this one and that had never been routine. She just shrugged and looked at me like I was stupid. She didn't elaborate.

During this time between my arrival, delivery and current stay this hospital had also called their own county’s CPS, as it was assumed I was a drug user when they looked at my old records and saw the drug test result from a week before. I was finally informed of what was going on when my doctor came to tell me CPS would be visiting me in the hospital. She would not explain why. I mean - I'd never heard of CPS, so I asked who that was. She merely shrugged and said Social Services. She refused to say anything further and left. Now I was really becoming agitated and confused. What the HELL was going on here?????

I pulled the call cord and a new nurse came in my room. I explained all the weird behavior I had been subject to at this hospital, the strange comments and questions, and told her I had absolutely no idea what was going on and no one would tell me a thing. She was a little more sympathetic. I asked for my medical records. She actually said she shouldn't let me see them. I INSISTED - EMPHATICALLY, and finally discovered this whole huge mess. I informed my current doctor of the prescribed sleeping pill at the old hospital and my story was confirmed after numerous calls from my doctor to the old hospital. CPS in that county (the one that came to see me in the hospital) dropped the case after being updated by my doctor.

Needless to say I left IMMEDIATELY - packed up my new baby and my sore body and went home lickety split. I was sick and ill thinking of all that had passed over my head and the comments made to me during my stay. I wanted to get out of the land of Oz.

On the same day of October 8th my old hospital’s county CPS worker was at my house for a 'visit' to check on the pregnant drug user. I was of course not home, I was having a baby, but written in my file was, ‘CPS was denied access to the home’. Since we did not come to the door this Social Worker decided to 'take a look around' and began a thorough search of our home through all of our windows.

What this CPS worker did not know was that I owned a store and ran it out of the front downstairs of our large Victorian home. Not a ramshakle mom and pop store, I was a member of the Chamber of Commerce, had been in the paper for the ribbon cutting ceremony, and participated in community events as a business owner. My store was an 'antiques and boutique' kind of store. I had closed it up for my upcoming maternity leave...which would be followed by winter, where I stayed closed from January to March. So my store was packed up and shelved for the winter. Peeking in the front windows she of course saw shelves of antiques and boxes of knick knacks on the floor. She took this to assume we were messy pigs and our home must be filled with old crap, as well as dangerous to our children. She filed this into our report as well and determined she would be back.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

How it all began for us - The very beginning stages: Part I

Our nightmare with CPS began in 2002. I was pregnant with our 4th child, and we had recently (within the past year) moved to a small town. I was seeing a new doctor for the pregnancy. This doctor was an OB at a clinic attatched to a hospital about 11 miles away. Little did I know at the time what this clinic and hospital had a reputation for.

Quite common in pregnancy is sinus problems. I have them often anyways, so with a pregnancy they can become quite troublesome. My doctor recommended I take Tylenol Sinus over the counter medication. I was treated the entire summer for this and the documentation was of course frequent for my sinus troubles and the doctor's continuing recommendations, finally going to Benadryl towards the end of my pregancy (it is considered possibly unsafe to take Benadryl in early pregnancy). I was due to have my baby on October 23 (or the 28th, depending on who you asked). Towards the end of September I started having some troubling symptoms.

Since this was my 4th pregnancy I was well familiar with what to expect, and made mention of my unusual symptoms to my doctor during my last 2 weekly visits in September. She told me not to worry and did not perform any tests or really do anything about it....just kind of blew it off.

On the evening of September 29th I began having regular strong contractions every 5 minutes or so. Concerned I checked into the hospital my doctor's office is connected to, telling them of my symptoms. I was only 36 1/2 weeks along at this point. My contractions were monitored for about 3 hours but they never progressed. No doctor was called, no exam done. Just a stomach monitor. After 3 hours I was given a prescribed sleeping pill by a nurse, and afterwards sent home.

The next morning, September 30th, I went in for my regularly scheduled OB visit. I informed my doctor of the preceding night's events. I was sent home without any concern expressed by my doctor - a clean bill of health.

September 30th – October 1st: Once again I was experiencing frequent contractions and thought perhaps my water was leaking. I checked into my OB’s hospital again. I was asked for a urine sample (typical for an OB visit). Unknown to me a drug test was performed on the urine which came back positive for the sleeping pill they had given me less than 24 hours previously in the hospital, plus PCP. Did you know that many over the counter medicines that create a false positive for PCP include – Triaminic, Primatene, Vick Formula 44-M, Benadryl, Nyquil, Contac, Sudafed and Tylenol Sinus? I was currently being treated by my OB doctor for a sinus infection of course, and was being told to take Tylenol Sinus. This would have been obvious from a look at my records. PCP is the MOST common false positive for a drug test, since so many benign medications give a positive result. Any credible doctor would immediately check a patient's record for over the counter medications upon seeing such a result. They did not.

Without informing me of the drug test or results (or even checking their records to see that they had given me a prescription drug) the hospital called CPS telling them I was a pregnant woman who tested positive for drugs. I was sent home in the morning with a clean bill of health, not even a physical exam, still contracting. I had no idea about the drug test or anything else....

Friday, May 27, 2005

Why call Social Workers Terrorists?

I once came across a pamphlet while I was being harrassed by Social Services. It was a pamphlet that had warning signs and methods of abuse - namely domestic. I think I fell over laughing while reading this thing - because EVERY method and warning sign on the pamphlet was something I had experienced at the hands of a Social Worker. Every single one. Let me give you the list from the pamphlet:

Emotional abuse- Putting her down or making her feel bad about herself, calling her names
Economic abuse - Trying to keep her from securing or keeping a job; Making her ask for money
Using children - Making her feel guilty about the children, using the children to give her messages, using visitation as a way to harass her
Threats - Making and/or carrying out threats to do something to hurt her physically and emotionally - take the children, commit suicide
Using superior privilege - Treating her like a servant, making all the "big" decisions, acts like master of the castle
Intimidation - Putting her in fear by using looks, actions, gestures, loud voice, destroying her property
Isolation - Controlling what she does, who she sees and talks to and where she goes

Now why call them 'terrorists'? I am not using the term to be excessive, sensational or extreme. I mean it literally. And I intend to prove it to you. Most of us in today's times have some idea of what a terrorist is and what they do. Let me take you further into the educational loop. These excerpts are from the Journal of The Singapore Armed Forces. The full article is here: The Motivations and Methods of the Terrorist
by MAJ (NS)(DR) Aaron Chia Eng Seng

"One person's terrorist is another person's freedom fighter."

The word "terrorist" comes from the Latin root word terrere meaning "to cause to tremble." The designation of terrorism is a subjective argument about the legitimacy of certain violent acts as much as it is a descriptive statement about them. "If the world is perceived to be peaceful, violent acts appear as terrorism. If the world is at war, violent acts may be regarded as legitimate. They may be seen as pre-emptive strikes, as defensive tactics in the ongoing battle."3 For example, the US has been accused of terrorism in the atrocities committed during the Vietnam War and there is some basis for considering the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki as terrorist acts.4 Thus, to the attackers, whoever stands by a just cause cannot be called a terrorist.5 On the other hand, the diverse origins and semantic justifications of terrorist acts are irrelevant to the victims.6

Causes and Motivations
The underlying causes and motivations of terrorism can be studied at three levels: individual, national or group and international.
There are those who join to find their identities by becoming part of the group. They commit acts to feel accepted. Because of the need to belong to the group, they seldom resign or compromise their involvement.
It takes a community of support and in many cases, a large organizational network for an act of terrorism to succeed.15 It also requires an enormous amount of moral presumption for the perpetrators of these acts to justify the brutal attack on another life, especially the life of someone one scarcely knows and against whom one bears no personal enmity. It requires social acknowledgement, and the stamp of approval from a legitimising ideology or authority one respects. Because of the moral, ideological and organisational support necessary for such acts, most of them come as collective decisions.

National Or Group Level:
At the national or group level, specific conditions of the state and of the social system may provoke people to terrorism....Terrorism often becomes a useful tool in the tolerant liberal states, which are vulnerable to it. Severe repression, or under-reaction, implying incompetence on behalf of the reacting government may both attract and encourage further terrorism.18 The evolution of the modern political terrorism is historically parallel to the development of the liberal state.19 Terrorism evolved at the same rate as liberal ideas were expanding. First there is anarchist terrorism that is associated with the concept of the "propaganda of the deed". This advocates the propagation of the anarchist message among the masses by terrifying governments and people, so as to bring about a revolutionary atmosphere of socio-political insecurity.20 Among the ideologies of revolution, Maoism provides a basis for a great deal of justification for terrorism.21 Maoism has had a great influence on Western New-Leftists as well as modern anarchist terrorism and, especially, on terrorists of the Third World.22 Trotsky once said: "Terror can be very efficient against a reactionary class which does not want to leave the scene of operations."23
The initial motivations for groups to resort to terrorism may be simple. However, later rationalisation may blur their motives.

Strategy, Tactics and Weapons:
The strategy for terrorists encompasses the following:36 First, the act must be horrifying, striking at innocent lives that have nothing to do with the cause the terrorists are espousing; second, it provokes uncertainty and is directed against the society as a whole and does not distinguish civilians and military targets; third, it depends and uses the mass media to communicate and publicise its acts and motives. The use of violence is obligatory in order to induce fear and chaos and it is aimed at the people and the institutions of the established order.37 Violence provides the glue that binds terrorists together into a unity of purpose even for those who are violently opposed to one another. They also aim to make themselves into heroes and so persuade opponents and neutrals that the terrorists' cause is righteous and their actions are justified.38 Their strategy is to make the other party appear in the wrong or be guilty of brutality. In religiously motivated terrorism, "Satanization" has been used to de-legitimise an opponent.39

I hope this gives you some insight for now into exactly why by definition CPS as a whole, and social workers as individuals are abusers and terrorists - you just can't ignore basic definitions and fact.

Motives - Part II: Ignorance and Vengence

I could paper this blog with articles and links, and trust me there is no lack of them. I could give you 1000's of links to stories that would confirm what I'm saying, but I'm not going to bother. I suggest if you have the slightest doubt you open Google and do any number of searches with the term 'CPS' in them. I dare you to find 2 good, positive articles. There is so much research to be had that I won't point to any one of them, for fear you'll believe that if I only provide 10 links that there are only 10 links to be had. I think if you need that much convincing then providing all 1000 links won't be enough. If your hair has curled at all from this blog I urge you to go have a look on a search engine for yourself.

Now having said that - on to the next motivation....
Ignorance and Vengence: Many, many, many Social Workers are past victims of abuse. That's why they chose the job they did. Just like 'Uncle Joe' who became a doctor after watching mom suffer from illness as a child, Social Workers are no different. The problem with this is that Uncle Joe is not mentally twisted from his past, and able to grow and remain objective with his job as an adult. It is undisputable that abuse of any kind damages the mind. Let me ask you - how would you like the cop arresting you for a possible murder to be the guy whose entire family was brutally murdered a few years ago? These Social Workers don't necessarily intend to seek vengence on all abusers, but their view is tainted and their ability to see innocence wrecked.

MOST Social Workers are biased. This is not opinion but fact. They are trained to and will do anything - even lie, write false documents or purger themselves to get a guily verdict from a judge. Yes - they are TRAINED to do it. Once again - it is a hard pill to swallow - but it is a fact, not the mad ravings of an angry parent. Here's an example. Imagine you have a heart attack and are admitted to the hospital for a stay. Good reason not to be home huh? Now, while you are recovering a Social Worker comes to your house and no one answers the door. They peek in all the windows (yes they do this), and see no one is home, no cars in the driveway - you are definately not there. They have to document this visit, so what should they put in the documentation? Well, to us it's obvious - stopped by at 2pm on 5/14/XX and no one was home. This is not what they are trained to put in their record. This is what will be put into the record, "Stopped by at 2pm on 5/14/XX and was refused admittance into the home." Does this sound accurate? They say it is. But refusal implies there was someone home - someone there to refuse. An empty house can't refuse. I guess the lock did. But a judge will read this and unless you can explain why you were in the hospital - it is on record that you refused admittance. Who does that except people with something to hide? Or so the thinking goes. That is why they do it. They know all of that. And that's just another tip of the iceburg.

Ignorance is also widespread. Silly college students with no medical training, no special skills or major in study at all, who firmly believe their professors in 'making a positive mark on the world'. They just want to do good and help. So they sign-up to be social workers between quarters at college. Ignorant, untrained and mislead college kids.

I am putting this all as nicely as I can - why I have no idea. I guess because if I told you the flat out truth you would never in a million years believe it unless you had some familiarity with all of this from personal experience or family and friends. I'll deal with that in my next post.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

WHY? What is the motivation? Part 1: Financial Gain

I am not all knowing, and am prepared to admit I do know each and every reason why these atrocities occur, but I do have information that gives a general idea, and personal experience that gives further insight into personal motives. I know if you have never experienced this before that you figure you just met a fanatic, someone who exagerates, stories that cannot possibly have a basis in fact. Thank you for enabling this terrorism with your denial and ignorance. For everyone else willing to take a deeper look, here goes.

Personal Financial Gain: Let me introduce you to CAPTA (Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act). On January 31st, 1974, President Nixon signed Public Law 93-247, The Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA). This act ostensibly addressed a growing awareness of the problem of child abuse (ranked by some polls as one of the three most pressing national problems in the early '70s). It resulted in effects more far-reaching and consequences more devastating than the designers could have imagined. A few articles to read on the subject are:
The background, limitations and results of federal and state child abuse legislation
By Damon Coffman

Proposed Revision of the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act - CAPTA
By Richard A. Gardner

"The monster stalking Americans is CAPTA, the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act of 1974."
Paul Craig Roberts, Washington Times

Otherwise known as the Mondale act after Senator Walter Mondale
The Mondale Act (Senate Bill #1191, PL 93-274)
With Bob and Elaine Lehman

Now that you have some background on this law gone aury....here is your financial motive. You can find this article in full here: Desert Weekly Post 1 November, 2001.
Here are some excerpts.
The problem began, she (Neve Moore) opines, when the government passed the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA) in 1974. With the act, the government began feeding massive amounts of federal funding to states to set up programs to combat child abuse and neglect. "From that came Child Protective Services, as we know it today," she wrote. After the bill passed, then Vice President Walter Mondale, who had been a big promoter of the law, "expressed concerns that it could be misused. He worried that it could lead states to create a business in dealing [trafficking in] children."

Enter Bill Clinton. In 1997 President Clinton passed the Adoption and Safe Families Act (ASF). The ensuing public relations campaign promoted the Act as a way to help find a home for abused and neglected children who languish in foster care for years, often being shuffled among dozens of foster homes, never having a real home and family.

Instead, the Act set a whole new industry into motion. To accompany the ASF, the President requested, by executive memorandum, an initiative entitled Adoption 2002, to be implemented and managed by the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS). The initiative not only gives cash adoption bonuses to the states, it also provides cash adoption subsidies to adoptive parents until the children turn eighteen.

"The primary goal of CAPTA, as stated in federal law, are child safety and family reunification," they wrote. "However, it has become readily apparent that the CDSS [California Department of Social Services] takes children from families and adopts them out in order to collect more federal monies. There is no effective oversight of this system that is now out of control."

Add to that, adoption bonuses of $4,000 to $6,000 per child, and most counties find themselves with an impressive tributary to a larger revenue stream. For example, in 1999, the first year for which adoption incentive statistics under the 1997 law became available from HHS, states like California, which reported adopting 3,958 children through CPS portals in 1998, reported adopting 6,254 children, a whopping 59% increase over 1998, for a bonus of $4,377,740. Another 8,221 kids were adopted out of the state's foster care system in 2000, for another $4,030,572 in bonuses. To receive any bonuses in 2001, the state will have to adopt out more than 8,221 kids.

Other ways in which social workers can earn money is to conduct classes, such as anger management classes, which are sometimes required by the court, at the suggestion of social workers as a part of a parent's case plan.
"There is nothing at the county level that precludes social workers from moonlighting to make extra money," Assistant DPSS Director DeMers said.

This is the tip of the iceburg in financial gain not only for the governing states and counties, but personal financial gain on the part of individual social workers. I want to add that it is not just in one particular state or county that this happens or is relevant to - it is the entire United States.

Family Court - NOT Innocent until proven guilty

If you are having difficulty processing how a person can be charged with any negligence or abuse related to a child and not be found innocent if they are indeed innocent - let me inform you of the differences between criminal court and family court. In criminal court the law does indeed maintain that a person is innocent until proven guilty. The state or prosecuter has the burden to prove that the defendant is guilty, in fact they have to prove it is reasonably possible just to get the defendent into court and tried. Some evidence must be obtained of some kind, and an indictment is needed. Therefore, while it is possible for an innocent person to be convicted of a crime, it is more difficult to do so.

In fact, this mantra 'Innocent until proven guilty' is so ingrained in our minds as Americans from tv, movies and culture that we mistakenly believe this is the law in ALL courts, and fail to be aware that it is only the law in criminal court. This is not the case in family court, where child abuse and neglect allegations are made. In family court there is no burden of proof on the state, county or prosecutor. Furthermore, you are guilty unless and until you can prove your innocence. Don't believe it is true? Call up an attorney, friend or judge, or do an internet search to find out for yourself. This is not criminal court, and all abuse allegations begin in family court. If found guilty in family court by a judge, you may be tried in a criminal court - but only after.

One more thing - you can be punished for your 'guilt' (being you are believed guilty until you prove otherwise) before you are even brought before a judge.

Now let me ask you....if I accuse you of hitting your children in an abusive way how are you going to prove otherwise? Testimony of friends, family, bosses, co-workers, teachers and neighbors? No one has ever seen a mark on your child, heard of any abuse claims in the past or seen you abuse your children.....so what? Obviously you are clever enough to hit without leaving a mark (how many of us from watching too much tv know that the 'right' people know how to do this professionally), and you are also smart enough not to do it except in the privacy of your own home. Your children say it never happened? You are terrorizing them and influencing them to say that. No medical records of any untoward abuse or suspected abuse? Well who would bring their kid into the doctors office for injuries sustained during abuse? You just didn't bring them in, doesn't mean there weren't any injuries. Lie-detector test? Not admissible in court, and even if it were - who here fully believes in their scientific accuracy? Sorry - guess you can't prove your innocence - no matter who you are.

Why is the court set up this way? In the supposed interest of the child. The 'better safe than sorry' motive. Many offenders are clever enough to abuse children without any clue as to their guilt. Better to assume guilt and take action until innocence can be proven. The problem here is this - if you are innocent, your children have been taken away and put in foster care, tramatized by doctors visits, the foster care system and social services....to start with. Is this really 'safe'? And how is it not 'sorry' either way you look at it?

This is just the beginning of the terrorism of Americans at the hand of Social Services - and it is all perfectly legal - furthermore considered either socially acceptable, or out of the ignorance of most Americans, believed to be untrue.

A Brief Overview of our case

You can find a brief overview of what happened to us here - http://studio14artgallery.com/fightcpsourstory.htm

Written at the time of the investigation it is not as detailed as I can be now, but it does give you a brief overview.

Believe it or not I was attacked by a prosecuter in court for the first 5 paragraphs of that page which list parent's constitutional rights. He said it proved I was defiant, the judge later said it proved I was an informed American. These prosecuters were the kinds of people we were up against, ones that believed upholding your constitutional rights and informing others of those rights proved you were dangerous.

Relevant Background Information

Our story takes place in Glencoe, Minnesota, which is in McLeod county. We moved from Minneapolis, Minnesota (where both my husband and I had grown up) to Glencoe in 2001. We are Christians, raising our children in a protestant home. Our children attend private religious affiliated schools, as did I. We are in the low-middle class income range. I am a stay at home mom, my husband working full-time. We do not drink often, no drugs, and are focused on family. I had provided state approved daycare in the past, with the state investigating my background and home and approving us for home daycare. WE are one of the millions of families CPS chose to attack and destroy.

Introduction - Read THIS First

CPS stands for Child Protective Services. It can have other acronyms in different states and cities, but essentially it is Social Services and the Child Protection Unit. Foster care, abuse allegations, even custody issues, plus many many other child related issues are dealt with through this government agency.

I am going to tell my personal story in full, to the best of my memory, through this blog. This has not been possible until now, with court issues and disclosure to worry about. The story begins almost 3 years ago, so some parts of my story may be brief as I try to remember. I'm sure as I begin the memories will come flooding back. I do not relish this return down memory lane. I understand now how a rape victim feels having to relive the experience through testimony weeks or years after the actual event. I am doing this anyways in the hopes that it will be informative for other parents seeking help, and also to inform the uninformed, those who have never experienced the effects of CPS and are unaware of it's blight on American history.

I do not believe there is reform needed for CPS, I believe it needs to be shut down completely. I believe CPS as a government agency is so far down the path of destruction that reform is no longer a viable possibility. It is my dream to see that agency close its doors forever.